Founded in 2013, B&SENS was born from a clear vision : to offer high-quality cosmetic ingredients that revolutionize our clients’ formulations. From the beginning, we have focused on innovation and excellence, with a mission to develop advanced solutions for the cosmetics market.


At B&SENS, we take pride in our diverse range of functional ingredients, including innovative texturizing agents, specialized surfactants, actives and colorants. Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of modern formulations, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced consumer benefits


Since 2011, our production site and warehouse, now located in Tigery, have played a central role in our ability to provide top-quality ingredients. Equipped with the most advanced technologies, they enable us to maintain an exceptional level of service, ensuring the availability and reliability of our products for clients worldwide.


We proudly continue the prestigious tradition of French cosmetics, focusing on the development and manufacture of ingredients for makeup and skincare products. Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety ensures that we meet the highest standards in all our production processes